Patti Niehoff: 

Some people think 

I read too much

But that is their opinion


end of summer


Buck Niehoff

the end of summer

morning yoga

sunshine gone


Betsy Newman

the end of summer 

a fresh breeze

stirs my soul


the end of summer

dead flies and spiderwebs

I regret

yesterday’s indolence 


Michael Dylan Welch  

summer’s end . . .

the children’s heads bowed

over schoolwork


Novocain wearing off . . .

the dentist becomes

a stonemason


Dick Westheimer

summer’s end–

tall coreopsis bows under the weight

of tiny yellow blossoms


months long drought–

the mace sedge prospers


blackberries ripen

big as thumbs–

thorn bloodied arms


Rosalie van Nuis

the end of summer

rain falling falling

and water rising rising

yet nothing cleaned


Elena Estella Green

walking the bright morning

September rises like may

waiting for the coming storm


the end of summer 

a squirrel waits

for the rain of acorns 


the end of summer 

sunflowers turn

toward the noon day sun


Kara Willis

end of summer

the midnight breeze

finishes the job


the end of summer

is marked by

space at the pool


Melody Sawyer Richardson

summer’s end

stick bugs look for 

cracks in windows


summer’s end

deadhead roses 

plant chrysanthemums


summer’s end

nights cool

soon time to head south


John Faherty

summer’s end

comes when it does

too late


Holly Brians Ragusa

the end of summer

sinks suns into my skin

storing warmth for winter


the end of summer

sends shadows sooner

through the elm


the end of summer

loosens ties to leaves

and greener things


Shannon Sloan

the end of summer

ready for the heat to lift

so that I can breathe


the end of summer

cooler damper days ahead

slug under a leaf


the end of summer

bus hiss, kids buzz, cool mornings

get back to the grind 


Amy Hunter

end of summer

sassafras leaves red

amid a sea of green


Patti Niehoff 

the end of summer

army worms

march toward the house


the end of summer

army worms

on their last campaign

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