…if you see for yourself, hear for yourself, and enter deeply enough this seeing and hearing, all things will speak with and through you.

Bashō, according to Jane Hirshfield, The Heart of Haiku

The fire pit dog
has a chain
as warm as my disciples


For the sick man,
a lingering summer heat”
of 85 degrees


November nightfall
the shadow of the headstone
longer than the grave

Nick Avis

I lay down
all the heavy packages—
autumn moon.

Patricia Donegan

Someone calls; someone answers.
Evening river-fog
hides the far shore

Betty Drevniok

no need
for the night light
the glow of maples

Sister Mary Thomas Eulberg

September stillness;
       the long wait for the heron
            to move

Garry Gay

One by one
Everyone has left —
Autumn wind


He says a word,
and I say a word — autumn
is deepening


Autumn evening -
“Isn’t it time,” she comes to ask,
“to light the lantern?”


falling asleep;
    the moon
        is still there

Arizona Zipper

when they strike the bell
these gingko leaves are falling —

Natsume Soseki

the puddle: moon

marlene mountain

counting is the start
of wisdom —
snake gourds

Katsuhiro Takayanagi

the beginning
always comes from
the September sea

Akie Kuki

as if they threw away
heavy loads
autumn waves

Ei’ichi Nishimura

the circus gone—
it has become a town
of autumn wind

Mayuzumi Madoka

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